Want to be one of our Senior Models?

Jordan_ Graduation_2

What is a Senior Model: A senior model is a high school senior that agrees to only represent J.L. McClure Photography throughout their senior year. They hand out referral cards to help get their friends to sign up for sessions. They agree to not use any other photographer during this year period and they get to waive their session fee's for any sessions they want to do, they get first dibs at model calls and themed sessions throughout the year, and recieve special gifts dependent on how many people the refer. The referrals must book with J.L. McClure Photography for it to count towards the special gifts. The senior models will also be apart of my marketing tools throughout the year and be part of a special Graduation event at the end of the year. 

Applications are accepted starting January of your Junior year. Every year 4 males and 4 females will be picked to be Senior Models for J.L. McClure Photography. They must be fun, outgoing, energetic, and be willing to help promote J.L. McClure Photography by completing special assignments. 

Contact J.L. McClure Photography by January 31st if you are interested in being a Senior Model, must already have booked a Senior Experience Session to be eligible.