| SPC Shannon | Military | Dec '15 |

Over Christmas break I had a chance to visit the gravesite of a dear friend of mine. He passed away in 2013 while serving in Afghanistan and he is very much missed. I don't get to visit him as much as I would like, but this time around my mother made sure we had time to go visit him and put an ornament on the tree that Zack's mother put up.

I wanted to capture some pictures of everything that was there. His mother had told people that she put up a tree and to go ahead and add the ornament and I absolutely love the amount of love that is displayed at his grave site. 

I sat there for a moment and just looked at all the stuff and had to smile at how ZACK it all was. His love for the military (his brothers all served as well) was proudly displayed as well as his love for the Tampa Bay Rays. There were lots of ornaments that were displayed on his tree and it was perfect.


Not a day goes by that you aren't on our minds. I wear your bracelet with pride to have known you. You are very much missed. Rest easy dear brother and watch over us from above. We'll see you again some day. - SGT McClure